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Our network of Early Childhood Education programs include nearly 140 schools offering infant care through Pre-K/Kindergarten. Our locations cover a nationwide geographic footprint and a diverse array of pedagogical approaches — including our proprietary Links to Learning curriculum that draws from the collective expertise of renowned early-age educators such as Dewey, Piaget and Vygotsky; Montessori schools that embrace both accredited Montessori methods – AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) and AMS (American Montessori Society); and progressive language immersion programs in Mandarin and Spanish.

Our Corporate Partnerships range from health networks and technology companies to universities and many more. Our goal is to provide a rich partnership that will best serve your employees. Offering employees family-friendly benefits provides better business outcomes like lower absenteeism and turnover, higher engagement and satisfaction, and attracts stronger talent. When employees are provided family support it helps improve employee performance, reduce stress, and creates a positive work environment.

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