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NLCI Introduces Enhanced Pre-K Curriculum

Nobel Learning Communities, Inc., announces that it is one of the first national private education providers to enhance its Pre-K curriculum in response to new national Common Core Standards for Kindergarten . In June 2010, the National Governor’s Association and the Chief State School Officers introduced a new set of national K-12 education standards  to serve as national benchmarks in math and English. In response to the new standards, Nobel Learning Communities has enhanced its signature Links to Learning curriculum to prepare students for success in kindergarten.

Starting this school year, Nobel Learning Communities will launch enhanced math and reading programs at its  preschools across the country (Chesterbrook Academy, Merryhill School, Touchstone School, Enchanted Care, and others). The new programs incorporate engaging learning activities that can be adapted to each child’s developmental readiness. Lessons will introduce letter-sound relationships and vocabulary through fun characters and stories, and math activities will allow children to use concrete objects to explore patterns and find ways to solve problems. Elements of the expanded pre-k curriculum include:

• Introduction of phonics skills, which can progress into building sight word vocabulary
• An understanding of settings, characters, and plot in stories
• Introduction to writing uppercase and lowercase letters
• Addition and subtraction skills up to 20
• Numerical comparisons such as less than, more than and equal to
• An introduction to 2D and 3D shapes

“The Nobel Learning Communities Education Department studied the new Common Core State Standards for kindergarten and found increased expectations for language arts and mathematics skills and knowledge,” said Susan W. Race, Ed.D., Chief Academic Officer for  Nobel Learning Communities, Inc. “Our Links to Learning preschool curriculum has always provided an excellent academic preparation for kindergarten. Upon release of the Core Standards, we began working to enhance Links to Learning to prepare our students for success with the new, more rigorous kindergarten expectations.”

The expanded reading and mathematics programs will integrate into Nobel Learning Communities’ signature Links to Learning curriculum. Links to Learning subjects include language and literacy; mathematics; the world and me; wellness; music; art; Spanish; and my community and environment. The goals of Links to Learning are to provide a high-caliber, developmentally appropriate education within the classroom, enhance dialogue with parents and provide constructive guidance on how they can become more involved with their children’s education.

For more information about the Common Core State Standards, visit www.corestandards.org.

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