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Summer Time Reminders

Happy Summer!

Summer Time Reminders

 All students need to wear socks and tennis shoes everyday

 Absolutely no open toes shoes

 Students are encouraged to bring water bottles with their names on it

 Students are responsible for allow their own items on field trips

 Be on time for Field trips-if you miss the bus, you miss the trip

 Wear your Camp Shirt for ALL Field Trips

 Tuition is due on Mondays

 Morning Snack is from 7:30-8:30am

 Wear play clothes that can get dirty and messy

 Every child should have an extra change of clothes in their locker


 Camp counsel starts at 9:00 am DON’T MISS THE FUN

Pre-K 2 Camper Calendar 2018

School-Age Camper Calendar 2018

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